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Initial College And Academic Planning Consultation

 This meeting is the first step for students and parents in 8th through 11th grades who are looking for academic advising and initial college advising. Depending on the grade level and the student’s needs, during this 90 minute meeting we will:

  • Professional review of student’s transcript from an admissions point of view; provide recommendations in the creation or modification of student’s academic plan; and highlight any red flags;

  • Discuss extracurricular activities, including summer programs, employment, internships, etc. and their importance in the college application;

  • Examine existing study skills and time management abilities and provide input and advice;

  • Understand the importance of teacher evaluations and how to choose which teachers to approach

  • Create a testing plan and/or evaluate test scores (if taken) and discuss retakes or tutoring references;

  • Discuss the latest trends and issues on college admissions and the importance of early college planning;

  • Answer any questions or concerns.

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