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Whether you are a high school student, a community college student planning to transfer, we will develop a custom plan for you.

All Plans Begin with an Initial Consultation.  1 1/2 meeting

Essentials Package

Extensive, thorough one-on-one direction with school selection and organizing their applications and essay requirements, maneuvering through the application instructions, creating the activity resume, brainstorming and revising essays. 

The comprehensive package covers the management of the entire application process including: 

  • College Research & List Building 

  • Essays & Supplements brainstorming and revisions

  • Athletic Recruitment Advisement (if applicable

  • Activity List creation

  • Comprehensive Review of all College Applications (up to 12; UCs count as one application.)

  • Regular communication—email, phone, text, video, face-to-face—and support to ensure the student is on course throughout the college application process through the end of senior year.

  • Access to CounselMore Software

  • Scholarship support​

Modified Support

A customized plan can be developed to meet individual needs to include consultations or questions either in person, via Skype online or telephone support, review of applications, essays, or resumes. 

Transfer Package

Packages are customized depending on your needs.

  • Help is available throughout your community college journey to plan college courses to ensure a smooth transfer.  

  • Evaluation of current college transcripts

  • Design transfer college list

  • Application support

  • Transfer application writings

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